Our Classes

Grade 0 - 9 Months

Allow your child the opportunity to complete Grade 0 in a beautiful, secure and nurturing environment.
Each year we have praised results of how our own Grade 0 children have an exceptional growth in self-esteem, by the end of the year they bubble over with confidence.
They can’t be made more ready to tackle Primary School for Grade 1.
Buttercup ensures they will not just cope but blossom in future years to come.
Our well established Grade 0 Center has successfully been running for eight years, lead by 2 highly qualified and experienced teachers.

The Top School

The Top School is where our little angels stop before heading off to Grade 0.

Accommodating the four to five year old age group, three classrooms are peacefully placed here…

The Bottom School

The Bottom School accommodates our three to four year olds, with increased gross motor facilities and five classrooms suited to each specific age group. Little toilets are once again here…

The Toddler Tinkles

The Toddler Tinkles at the front of Buttercup is a cosy and safe environment that accommodates our little ones from the ages of 9 months to 3 years. 


At Buttercup Preschool, we have a range of extra mural activities available for our learners. Activities are run by approved, independent specialists in their field and are hosted within our secure Buttercup Grounds.


Where are we situated?

Our School is located on large grounds in the niche area Beverley In Lonehill, Sandton

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011 467 6868

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