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Welcome to Buttercup

9 Months - Grade R


"Once in a generation, a preschool of such exceptional standards, quality and expertise stands..." The Buttercup Preschool

Truly a home away from home meeting todays' educational demands of early childhood. The Buttercup Preschool is situated on large grounds in a niche area of Beverley Lonehill. A symphony of country life comes closest to describing the school's architecture. Window shutters, flowered window bakes and lush green play areas with a hint of white iceberg rose bushes. Erected are the children's solid mahogany climbing structures.

The estate is divided into three unique sections to best suit the children's ages and reeds. Namely our 1 - 2-year-old groups, 2 - 4-year-old groups and the 4 - 6-year-old groups.

Inside the classrooms echo beautiful sounds of children. Wooden furniture imported Montessori educational materials and a variety of puzzles and educational games. Private spaces for double paint beards, construction and fantasy play are used as a part of our daily program. Together with numerous other activities needed to bring out the child as a whole.

There is certainly a sense of harmony, purpose and passion attained by the children and teachers at all times. Our aim is to bring to life exciting discoveries, moments of achievement so as to create a solid foundation to build on for later years. With continual assessments and observations being done on each child, both indoors and out in the garden teachers are well aware of each child's development and progress.

Take front row seats at our concerts, sporting events and family gatherings. Experience farm animals, camel visits, road shows and creative workshops.

Finally, graduate from our outstanding Gr.R centre, with the highest level of confidence, emotionally school ready and equipped to finally fly away to big school.

4-5 year olds

The Top School is where our little angels stop before heading off to Grade 0.

Accommodating the four to five year old age group, three classrooms are peacefully placed here…

3-4 year olds

The Bottom School accommodates our three to four year olds, with increased gross motor facilities and five classrooms suited to each specific age group. Little toilets are once again here…

1-3 year olds

The Toddler Tinkles at the front of Buttercup is a cosy and safe environment that accommodates our little ones from the ages of 9 months to 3 years. 


At Buttercup Preschool, we have a range of extra mural activities available for our learners.

Activities are run by approved, independent specialists in their field and are hosted within our secure Buttercup Grounds.

These Include: 

Swimming School

Tumbling Tigerz




Horse Riding


Where are we situated?

Our School is located on large grounds in the niche area Beverley In Lonehill, Sandton

Contact Us:

011 467 6868

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