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Building a better future, one child at a time....

Give your child the best opportunity to complete Grade R in a beautiful, and nurturing environment. 

Buttercup Pre-School creates a solid foundation to prepare your child for future years.  We thrive on concrete experiences on which to build a good understand and platform with qualified teachers and excellent teaching methods in early childhood development. Buttercup has been running successfully for the past 24 years and each year we produce praised results from all our children that enter big school. Allow your child the opportunity to complete Grade R in a beautiful, secure and nurturing environmentEach year we have praised results of how our own Grade 0 children have an exceptional growth in self-esteem, by the end of the year they bubble over with confidence. They couldn't be more ready to tackle Grade 1 and Primary School! Buttercup ensures they will not just cope but blossom in future years to comeOur well-established Grade R Center has successfully been running for twelve years, led by 2 highly qualified and experienced teachers.

They will be given the best tools to tackle primary school, and grade 1! We will ensure that they will not just cope but blossom in the years to come... 

After Care Fun

We also have an aftercare facility available now.
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We offer transportation in our 'Buttercup' vehicle in the mornings and afternoons... 
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